The Future Cities Collaborative brings together policy, practice and research to inform our city leaders into inspired action to build great cities. The Collaborative is an initiative of the United States Studies Centre, with its primary role to promote sustainable urban development by supporting city leaders with leadership and strategic management tools, creating a forum in which mayors can share ideas and information, and being a site for capacity building and development of skills and knowledge in building sustainable cities.

The cornerstone of the Future Cities Collaborative is the Future Cities Program, which focuses on supporting both regional and metroplitan city leaders in New South Wales, by providing them with the knowledge, skills and resources to build sustainable and liveable communities. 

The Future Cities Program realises that informed and visionary leadership is needed to decide how, when, and where new approaches and technologies can be used to make a real difference in improving not only the livability but also the sustainability and productivity of our cities. Strategic planning and sustainable urban development are being brought to the fore the world over and the Future Cities Program, in collaboration with the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, is supporting our leaders by using evidence-based solution modeling, first-hand examples and education, and collaborative approaches to shared problems to make meaningful differences to Australian cities.


Discussion with Jessica Lax from the Van Alen Institute
16 November 2016

The Future Cities Collaborative and AECOM recently hosted Jessica Lax from the Van Alen Institute, a 120 year old non-profit based in New York City dedicated to improving design in the public realm. The Institute divides their work into three areas: public programs, research and competitions.

Summary: Innovation Ecosystems Workshop - Making it Happen in Western Sydney
14 September 2016

The Future Cities Collaborative, together with Deloitte and UrbanGrowth NSW, recently conducted a workshop with Professor Ed Blakely to examine how we can accelerate the innovation economy in Western Sydney. A group of key actors and urban leaders came together to discuss the findings from our recent report, Growing the Australian Innovation Economy, and apply them to the region.

Report Launch a success | Growing the Australian Innovation Economy
14 September 2016

The official launch of the Future Cities Collaborative's most recent report, Growing the Australian Innovation Economy, co-produced with AECOM, was a resounding success with The Hon. Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning, presenting a keynote at the event that brought together an audience of over 100 key stakeholders across industry, academia and government at Customs House on 8 September.




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